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Indulge in the Best Sunday Brunch in Dubai at Gypsy Chinese Restaurant

Welcome to Gypsy Chinese Restaurant, where gastronomic delights and a vibrant atmosphere come together for an unforgettable dining experience. Join us for our exclusive Sunday Brunch, which is one of the best Sunday Brunch in Dubai.

You can relish a scrumptious buffet spread featuring a fusion of IndoChinese cuisine, refreshing mocktails, and delectable Continental breakfast. Indulge in a fine dining ambiance as we take your taste buds on a delightful journey. Read on to discover the highlights of our Sunday Brunch menu and package options.

Salads Section: Start your Sunday brunch on a fresh note with our diverse range of salads:

  1. Caesar Salad: Crisp lettuce leaves tossed in a tangy Caesar dressing.

  2. Russian Salad: A classic mix of potatoes, carrots, peas, and mayonnaise.

  3. Sweet Corn Salad: A refreshing combination of sweet corn kernels and assorted veggies.

  4. Mix Lettuce Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing: A medley of fresh lettuce varieties dressed with a zesty vinaigrette.

  5. Chicken Hawaiian Salad: Tender chicken pieces tossed with tropical fruits and a special dressing.

Snacks Section: Satisfy your cravings with our mouthwatering snack options:

  1. Deluxe Sandwich: A scrumptious assortment of fillings between soft bread slices.

  2. Croissants: Flaky and buttery pastries, perfect for a light bite.

  3. Danish Assorted: A tempting selection of Danish pastries in various flavors.

  4. Veg Hash Brown: Crispy and flavorful hashed brown potatoes, a vegetarian delight.

  5. English Cake: A traditional English cake with a moist and delightful texture.

  6. Banana Cake: Indulge in the sweetness of this banana-flavored cake, a true treat for your taste buds.

Wontons and Spring Rolls: Experience the authentic flavors of Chinese appetizers with our signature items:

  1. Cocktail Spring Roll Veg: Crispy spring rolls filled with a delightful vegetarian mix.

Starters Veg and Non-Veg: Delight in the flavorsome starters that will leave you wanting more:

  1. Paneer Twin Pepper: Succulent paneer cubes tossed with a blend of peppers.

  2. Crispy Veg in Hoisin Sauce: A delightful mix of crispy vegetables tossed in a flavorful Hoisin sauce.

  3. Garlic Pepper Chicken: Tender chicken pieces seasoned with garlic and pepper for a burst of flavors.

  4. Chicken Saute with Cashew Nuts: Juicy chicken sautéed with crunchy cashew nuts.

  5. Saute Wontons Veg & Non-Veg: Exquisite wontons filled with a delicious vegetable or meat mixture.

  6. Pan-Grilled Fish: Fresh fish fillets grilled to perfection, accompanied by a tantalizing sauce.

  7. Butter Garlic Prawns: Succulent prawns sautéed in a rich butter and garlic sauce.

  8. Lamb Burnt Chilly Dry: Tender lamb cooked with aromatic spices and a hint of fiery chili.

And a cosy ambience to chill, eat, laugh & click some insta stories! :)

Main Course Veg and Non-Veg: Indulge in a wide variety of main course options, carefully crafted for a fulfilling experience:

  1. Veg Hot Plate: A wholesome assortment of vegetarian delicacies served on a sizzling hot plate.

  2. Chicken Hot Garlic: Flavorful chicken in a spicy garlic sauce, perfect for spice enthusiasts.

  3. Veg Hakka Noodles: Classic Hakka noodles tossed with colorful vegetables and Asian spices.

  4. Veg Chilly Coriander Rice: Fragrant rice cooked with green chili and fresh coriander, a spicy vegetarian delight.

  5. Noor Mahal Chicken Biryani: Aromatic basmati rice cooked with succulent chicken pieces and a blend of spices.

Desserts: Satisfy your sweet tooth with our irresistible dessert selection:

  1. Caramel Custard: Silky-smooth caramel custard with a rich and creamy texture.

  2. Dates Pancake: A delightful pancake filled with sweet dates, a heavenly treat.

  3. Muesli: A healthy and crunchy mix of oats, nuts, and dried fruits.

  4. Sesame Honey Darsan: Crispy sesame-coated pastry drizzled with luscious honey.

  5. Seasonal Fresh Cut Fruits: Refreshing and juicy seasonal fruits to cleanse your palate.

Juices: Quench your thirst with our revitalizing juice options:

  1. Watermelon Juice: Cool down with a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed watermelon juice.

  2. Orange Juice: Enjoy the tangy and citrusy flavors of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Beverages: Choose from a range of hot and cold beverages to complement your meal: Hot Beverages:

  1. Camomile Tea: A soothing herbal tea with calming properties.

  2. Peppermint Tea: An invigorating and refreshing tea with a minty twist.

  3. English Tea: Savor the classic flavors of English breakfast tea.

  4. Green Tea: Rejuvenate your senses with a cup of aromatic green tea.

Cold Beverages:

  1. Mocktails of the Day: Quench your thirst with our refreshing mocktails specially curated for the day.

  2. Soft Beverages: Enjoy a selection of carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks.

  3. Water: Stay hydrated with chilled water throughout your dining experience.

To explore our Sunday Brunch packages and make a reservation. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer, available only from 16th to 26th June 2023, between 12 pm to 4 pm.

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